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These 6 Products Can Help You Relax, Destress, And Explore

24 OCT 2018

With everything going on around us, the world can get pretty intense, and sometimes we just need a little break from reality.

Whether that's turning on a meditation app, learning a brand new language, or building your own civilisation, we want to help.


That's why our weekly special is on these six different products to help you de-stress.

Check them out below:

Be mindful with Mindbliss

Whether you're trying to sleep better, decompress, or just start each day with your best foot forward, Mindbliss can help.

This wellness app uses highly intelligent AI algorithms to curate meditation experiences that fit your needs, helping you with single-sit meditations or serial sessions over a few days.

Right now, we're offering a 1 year subscription for only US$29.99.

Travel and explore new cultures

(Lonely Planet)

Lonely Planet has been the go-to travel guide for millions of travellers.

But it's not just a book anymore – instead Lonely Planet's offering its Best in Travel 2018 guide, as well as 23 other e-books to help you make the most of your next trip away.

These e-books include Iceland, Mexico, and Japan as well as a book on exploring the America's, and the Solo Travel Handbook.

You can currently grab it from ScienceAlert Academy for US$19.99 – a huge 95% discount off retail.

Learn a new language to break communication barriers

So you've got your next travel destination sorted. But do you know the language?

It's always helpful to have even a rudimentary grasp of the language, and even if you're just dreaming of that holiday, research has shown that learning a new language comes with a ton of benefits.


uTalk helps you overcome the language barrier by helping you learn real, practical vocabulary in a wide variety of languages from pretty much any device that you choose.

Its language programs let you understand how native speakers actually talk and feature independently verified translations as well.

For just US$29.99 you can pick 6 languages from over 130 options and start learning.

Improve your persuasion skills to make a difference

Speeches and public speaking is an unfortunately important part of many jobs, and is an important skill to work on.

But many people have fallen out of the habit since school, or maybe never learned in the first place.

But in the Complete Presentation and Public Speaking Course you'll learn how to give great speeches for business and personal presentations through exercises, examples, and templates.

Currently, ScienceAlert Academy is offering the course for just US$9.99 – a huge discount.

Redesign your living space

Most people have a dream home idea, but have you actually thought about the details?

It's hard to imagine your home in every detail, which is why there's Ashampoo 3D CAD Architecture 6.


This powerful software uses an integrated step-by-step wizard to help you build reliable 2D, 3D, and cross-section views of any architecture project so you can see exactly what needs more work.

You can currently pick it up for just US$19.99 - a huge 75% off.

Build your own civilization

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Unwind by immersing yourself in another world, where you can explore play at building an empire with the award winning strategy game Civilization VI.

The latest entry of Sid Meier's saga offers an enormous community of players with whome you can coopoerate or compete with to advance your civilization through the Stone Age and into the Information Age, with whatever strategies you choose.

You can redeem your 47% discount from ScienceAlert through Steam and start playing instantly.

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