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These Beautiful, Translucent Cases Transform Your iPhone X Into a Classic iMac

15 MAY 2018

It's been exactly 20 years this month since Steve Jobs unveiled the very first iMac, and it's hard to understate just how drastically it turned around Apple's fortunes – leading on to the iPod, iPhone, iPad, and so much more.


To get into the spirit of the anniversary celebrations, mobile accessory maker Spigen has revealed what it calls its Classic C1 limited edition case – which gives your cutting-edge iPhone X the lush, coloured plastic see-through look that made the original iMac G3 model famous way back in 1998.

Mimicking the G3's now retro style, the Classic C1 is available in graphite, snow, sage, or ruby colours, but it's not just a visual gloss – it's also a regular protective case made with shock-absorbing TPU (and something called "Air Cushion Technology") to help save your iPhone from bumps and falls.

011 spigen iphone imac classic 2(Spigen)

At the same time, Spigen's also launching another retro case that apes the chunky silver vibe of the original chunky iPhone 2G, but it's the translucent sheen of the iMac-inspired confection that's conquered our hearts today.

In fact, the only thing we don't love about it is that it's only available for iPhone X, so if you're not rocking Apple's latest (and most exxy) notch-bearing device, we're afraid your smartphone is stuck firmly in 2018.

011 spigen iphone imac classic 2(Spigen)

For those with the means and desire to time travel, though, you can pick this bad boy up on IndieGogo from US$25, with shipping estimated to kick off next month.

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