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ScienceAlert Deal: This Award-Winning App Can Help You Learn to Read Faster

5 SEP 2018

Reading is both a pastime and an effective method of communication that has evolved throughout the centuries.

But that's not to say that our eyes are always on top of what we're reading. Two major annoyances readers can encounter are skipping over lines of text or reading the same text repeatedly.

In the past, this inconvenience was dealt with by rereading whatever lines were skewed to absorb whatever context was missed. But if you're tired or bored, even this might not help.

Unfortunately, these problems still exist, in an era ruled by smartphones, tablets, and ebook readers. In fact, you've probably experienced this yourself while reading the pages of your physics book or scrolling through an email.

Thankfully, modern technology also provides a solution to these century-old problems. With a subscription to BeeLine Reader, you'll never fall victim to skipped and reread lines. You can find subscriptions for as low as US$19.99 here.

BeeLine Reader is easy to use. Simply install it on Chrome or Firefox, and you're set! This app applies an eye-guiding color gradient to whatever document you're reading.

The gradient changes from the start of a line of text to the end, with the next line's starting gradient matching the previous line's ending gradient. By following the change in gradient as you read, you won't lose track of where you're reading.

Best of all, the transitioning colors won't impede your reading comprehension.

By never missing a beat, BeeLine Reader will help you read through emails, news stories, blog posts and ebooks up to 20 percent faster.

Don't just take our word for it; BeeLine Reader is so successful that it was adopted by the California Public Library System and received awards from Stanford, Dell, and the Tech Museum of Innovation.

Plus, with every subscription to the 5-browser plan, BeeLine Reader donates five licenses for free to students in low-income schools to enhance literacy programs.

You can find BeeLine Reader 1-year and lifetime subscriptions for sale here. 1-year subscriptions are available for US$19.99 (16% off) for 1 browser and US$29.99 (25% off) for 5 browsers, while lifetime subscriptions are available for US$29.99 (86% off) and $39.99 (90% off).

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