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This Excel Master Class Is Already at Black Friday Pricing, Just US$19

20 NOV 2018

Microsoft Excel is one of those ever‐present work programs that most of us list as a skill on our resumes, but in reality, we only know one or two of the most common formulas.

That can get us into trouble when we start a new job or get assigned a new project and suddenly have to back up our listed resume skills with real expertise.

Get ahead of any awkward workplace scrambles with this Microsoft Excel Diploma Master Class, a CPD-Certified live instruction course.

Black Friday pricing is already in effect, so you can take this course for only US$19, a 95% discount from the normal price of US$395.

This Master Class teaches you all the tools and tricks in Microsoft Excel in small chunks, and you control the speed at which you go through them, so you have the flexibility to binge on all the lessons over one weekend or dole them out slowly in your free time after work.

The lessons begin by giving you a strong foundation in Excel basics, then they slowly work their way up into advanced lessons.

Once you complete the course, you can update the skills section of your resume to say "CPD-Certified in Microsoft Excel".

Because the Continuing Professional Development company's quality mark is a recognized symbol of quality training, a CPD certification can help you land a new job or make a good case for a bigger raise this year.

Get the Microsoft Excel Diploma Master Class at the early Black Friday price of just US$19 today.

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