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This Home Microscope Camera Can Magnify Images Up to 1000x Their Original Size

18 SEP 2018

 Are you a hobbyist looking to inspect your burgeoning Roman currency collection? Or perhaps you're a professor looking to outfit your classroom with state-of-the-art equipment.

Whatever the case may be, a reliable microscopic camera is one of the most versatile tools you can have in your arsenal, and you can pick one up for US$38.99.

This 1000X Zoom 1080p Microscope Camera can magnify objects from 40x by up to (you guessed it) 1000x their original size.

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It uses a dynamic image sensor and 8 LEDs to deliver detailed images of anything you place under the scope, whether they're precious stones, electronics, or even organic materials like skin and hair.

It also comes with a 1080p camera so that you can save images of your inspections straight to your computer.

The microscope comes with a cable and user manual, and you can even connect it to your iOS or Android phone by using an OTG adapter.

The 1000X Zoom 1080p Microscope Camera will usually set you back US$129.99, but you can find it on the ScienceAlert Academy for US$38.99, or 70% off.

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