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This Power Glove Doco Shows Nintendo's Flop as The Majestic Mistake It Really Was

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7 MAY 2018

After a successful 2017 Kickstarter campaign, the Power Glove documentary – perfectly titled 'The Power of Glove' – is starting to hit the public sphere and what we've seen so far is everything we could have asked for.


You do know the Power Glove, don't you? A peripheral made for the original NES console that promised VR-style interaction with games, but saw very little in the way of actual cool games to play with it.

And, since its origins, it's been hacked and modified to be applied in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways.

From what we've seen it is respectful yet it also avoids being just some pure nostalgic fluff. Here's the trailer:

It's pleasing to see we're getting something that delves into the minds of the Power Glove's creators and finds out what really happened to bring this iconic oddity to life. And what pushed it toward failure instead of bringing us '80s kids the future decades early.

The film is touring the film festival circuit, with dates regularly added to the official site's homepage. You can sign up to stay up to date or, no doubt, it'll appear on a streaming service near you sometime later this year.

We'll leave you with one more clip to whet the appetite – an explainer of exactly how the Power Glove's ultrasound-based technology really worked.

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