WATCH: Amazing Energy Facts To Blow Your Mind

Humans are using around 15 terawatts of energy - that's 15 TRILLION watts or 10 billion light bulbs - at any given moment, so it's safe to say we love the stuff. Of the world's total energy consumption, the US is using 25 percent, while Google alone is using 0.013 percent, which is roughly equivalent to the energy needed to continously power 200,000 homes.

Energy is also found in food, and measured in joules. How long would you have to plug yourself into the wall to get the same amount of power as a day's worth of food? Well, the average adult male needs 10 million joules of energy a day. When you consider that your laptop probably charges at a rate of 50 joules a second, you would need to plug yourself in for a whopping 55 hours. But if you were charging yourself at the same rate a microwave does - around 1,500 joules per second - it would only take 1.9 hours. Eating a nice big steak sounds way more fun to us.

And what about if you took all that energy needed to power yourself for a day and converted it into TNT, what kind of explosion could you make? We're not going to give anything away, but let's just say it would be the big kind..Watch the latest episode of AsapSCIENCE above to find out.