WATCH: How do brain-enhancing electrical currents really affect your brain?

By using weak electrical currents, similar to those produced by a nine volt battery, scientists have shown they can stimulate the human brain to perform better. This technology, known as transcranial direct-current stimulation (or tDCS) has many benefits, as Vanessa Hill explains in the latest episode of Braincraft. But does that mean we should all start using it?

Some people find tDCS so beneficial, they're even creating their own machines and doing it at home to enhance their cognitive performance and memory. In this episode, Vanessa explains why we shouldn't be trying this procedure at home, and that we don't yet know what the long-term effects there might be. 

So why are so many people so willing to try DIY tDCS at home and risk turning themselves into real-life Frankensteins? Watch the episode of Braincraft above to find out.

Source: Braincraft