It's been a big year for gravitational waves, the last untested aspect of Einstein's Theory of General Relativity. In March last year, researchers from the BICEP2 telescope at the South Pole reported that they had observed the first direct detection of gravitational waves in the afterglow of the Big Bang

This was a huge deal, because it was strong evidence for inflationary theory and the Big Bang. But unfortunately, data from the Planck telescope later showed that, actually, what they'd spotted was more likely the result of galactic dust. Awkward.

Now the YouTube sensation A Capella Science has put the whole struggle to the tune of The Lion King's "Circle of Life", and, trust us, it's real.

Voiced by physicist and musician Tim Blais, who sings all the a capalla parts of the song, the parody, "In the Surface of Light". This may sound like it would be annoying, but it's actually one of the best explanations of the whole gravitational wave affair we've heard - and all to a catchy tune.

Our favouite lyrics?

"Their purported observation
Was a cause for jubilation
At a South Pole science station
But had faulty estimation
Of a dusty compensation
Calling off the celebration
And with this new implication
Now we need more information."

Watch the video above and indulge in all the pain and excitement of the struggle to detect gravitational waves once and for all. Trust us, it's worth having "The Circle of Life" stuck in your head all day for.

Source: A Capella Science