WATCH: This “snake” is actually hundreds of fungus gnat larvae

From afar, the object in this video looks like a double-headed snake. But it’s not until the camera zooms in that you realise it’s a slimy mass of hundreds of fungus gnat larvae. And we can’t stop watching.

Although it’s a little revolting, this is all part of a fascinating survival strategy - certain species of fungus gnat are capable, in their larval form, of forming this slimy, snake-like structure, and moving en masse in search of food. 

It makes a lot of sense if you’re a tiny, non-poisonous larva, vulnerable of being picked off by predators. But unfortunately the larvae can also do damage to plant roots, and are common in soil that’s been overwatered.

Nature, you’re clever. Gross, but clever.

Source: Digg