WATCH: Worm-eating leech feeds in world-first footage

The species is not yet known to science, but it's one of the biggest, reddest leeches in the world. Spotted recently in the forest of Mount Kinabalu, the biggest mountain in Borneo, it's been granted the rather apt nickname, the Giant Red Leech. Here it is, filmed for the first time by a BBC film crew, hoovering down a worm for the new documentary called Wonders of the Monsoon.

The leech is a whopping 30 centimetres long, but experts suggest the species probably grows even larger than that. Because of its huge size, the leech bypasses the blood-sucking feeding behaviour of its smaller relatives and simply swallows its prey whole - seen here sucking down a worm that's almost 80 centimetres long. 

The leech seeks out its worm prey by picking up on its scent and figuring out which end to start chowing down on. "It was either searching for an end to grab, or was working out whether it was too big to eat,” documentary director Paul Williams told Sarah Knapton at The Telegraph"When it found an end, it started to suck. It was incredible. The result is that we could confirm the predatory behaviour of a rarely-seen and unidentified species for the first time.” 

Source: The Telegraph