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The Xbox Adaptive Controller Is The Feel Good Gaming Announcement of 2018

20 MAY 2018

For anyone who doesn't hate fun, games are awesome. But they can be a pretty unwelcoming domain if you can't comfortably use a standard console controller or keyboard-mouse interface.


Accessibility has been on the rise in recent years, with everything from game modes to hardware offering better assistance to those who need it. But even then, there are limits.

A typical console controller has over a dozen input options, with a lot of fine motor requirements to manipulate the layout successfully.

So with that in mind, the Xbox Adaptive Controller is in a new league.

In the top down pictures, it looks pretty simple. Do not be fooled. This has been years in the making, according to Phil Spencer, Microsoft's Head of Xbox.

Xbox Adaptive layoutBYO fancy add-ons. (Microsoft)

As you can see in the image, and captured wonderfully in the video below, it's all about how easy it makes plugging in many different assistive input devices. Making these things work seamlessly with the latest games is what is so damn cool here.

There's already an industry of assistive devices out there.

Big buttons, pedals, microswitches, even mouth inputs for quadriplegics. All these devices can now be incorporated into a control scheme for playing games on Xbox or Windows PC thanks to this new controller.

This is just such awesome news for so many gamers, or game fans who didn't have the chance to really play before.

We can't wait to find out we just got destroyed online by someone who wasn't able to play until this device turned up.