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Yes, Pruitt's LinkedIn Really Does List Him as a "Leading Advocate" Against The EPA's Agenda

13 APR 2018

This week, John Oliver ripped into Scott Pruitt and his many, many scandals at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

But the most enlightening part of the entire segment was when Oliver began discussing the EPA chief's aggressive pro-industry leadership.


"Even though he is literally in charge of the EPA, his LinkedIn page still lists him as a leading advocate against the EPA's activist agenda," said Oliver.

As crazy as this sounds, it's actually true, and you can see it for yourself. Pruitt's LinkedIn account, which hasn't been updated since he was Oklahoma Attorney General, is still online - and it explains so much.

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Advocating against the EPA

While it's common knowledge that Pruitt has repeatedly sued the EPA, Pruitt's LinkedIn profile makes his anti-environmental agenda even more transparent.

Since taking over at the EPA, Pruitt has continued to uphold his position as a "leading advocate" against the agency's mission. As EPA chief, Pruitt has consistently placed the interests of industry executives over scientific facts and the protection of the environment.

At the beginning of his term, Pruitt said he wanted to return the EPA to its central mission by allowing states to be the primary enforcers of environmental laws. But enforcing environmental laws has always been a crucial part of the EPA's strategic plan.


The EPA website clearly states that the agency's mission is to ensure that, among other things, "federal laws protecting human health and the environmental are administered and enforced fairly, effectively, and as Congress intended."

Later, it clarifies that if states and tribal governments fail to enforce federal environmental rules, the EPA must step in and help them.

So, what is Pruitt really trying to achieve at the EPA?

Well, his LinkedIn and his multiple lawsuits against the agency offer a few crucial clues. As Oklahoma Attorney General, Pruitt tried to block 14 Obama-era rules – including safeguards for clean air, clean water, national parks and greenhouse gas emission targets.

In all but one of these legal cases, regulated industry players were also involved. In fact, Pruitt's past campaigns against the EPA have received contributions from co-litigators like the American Petroleum Institute, the National Mining Association and the National Association of Home Builders – just to name a few.

Funnily enough, Pruitt's LinkedIn page also claims he is "dedicated to fighting corruption" - an ironic statement given the EPA chief's recent corruption scandal and his penchant for cosying up to industry lobbyists.

If nothing else, Pruitt's LinkedIn profile proves that President Trump has put a fox in charge of the henhouse.


Goodbye science

One of Pruitt's many lawsuits against the EPA centered around a 2009 science-based conclusion that greenhouse gases endanger public health and welfare.

Since taking over at the EPA, Pruitt has merely intensified the way he attacks and censors climate science.

So if Pruitt isn't basing his lawsuits and his EPA policies on science, what is he basing them on?

Once again, Pruitt's LinkedIn profile offers a few clues. As State Senator of Oklahoma, Pruitt described himself as a champion of "traditional, faith-based legislation."

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The LinkedIn profile reveals that for years, Pruitt has been using faith over evidence to justify his decisions - and as EPA chief, nothing has changed.

Last year, when Pruitt announced he would be blocking scientists who had received EPA grants from serving as agency advisors, he cited the Bible as justification for his new rule.

In February, Pruitt defended his policies for oil and gas drilling by arguing that such practises were grounded in the Bible.

"The biblical world view with respect to these issues is that we have a responsibility to manage and cultivate, harvest the natural resources that we've been blessed with to truly bless our fellow mankind," he told the Christian Broadcasting Network.

Just today, The New York Times reported that Pruitt wanted to replace the EPA logo on a commemorative coin with a Bible verse to "reflect his faith."

If it wasn't obvious before, the LinkedIn profile makes it clear: Pruitt is no friend of science or the EPA.