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Learn How to Become a Pro Automated Tester With This Online Bundle

Update that resume.

14 JAN 2017

Automated software testing is an incredibly valuable tool. It allows developers to quickly see which parts of a web app work, and which parts need fixing.

But not everyone has the skills to write frameworks for these programs, and you need to know which tools work best for testing.


Because of this, those that understand automated web application testing are important, and they're in high demand in tech right now.

So we’ve teamed up with StackCommerce to bring you the Web App Automation Testing with Selenium Bundle to give you the know-how to become an Automated Tester.

In the bundle, you’ll learn about Selenium WebDriver 2.0 – one of the best tools you can use – as well as learning about JUnit, Maven and Firebug, all for just US$41.

Boost up your tech resume and get started now.

Length: 86 hours

Price: US$41

This is a promotional ScienceAlert Academy post, in partnership with StackCommerce. We carefully vet all courses and products to make sure they're relevant to our readers, and make a share in the profits of any sales.

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