ScienceAlert has a team of 14 experienced science journalists and editors.

Kate Mallord CEO

Kate Mallord is a strategic leader with deep expertise in go-to-market and commercial growth. Passionate about making science news accessible for all, Kate joined ScienceAlert as CEO in 2024. Kate has held leadership roles at LinkedIn and Meta and is a former editor.

Chris Cassella Founder @darwinsguppie

Chris Cassella is an ex-Microsoft programmer and failed neuroscientist turned science communicator who is a strong proponent of inspiring and engaging young people with science. He founded ScienceAlert Pty Ltd in 2007.

Fiona MacDonald Co-Founder @fionajmacdonald

Fiona MacDonald is an award-winning science reporter who’s been with ScienceAlert since it began, helping to found its editorial team and strategy. Fiona has been a journalist and editor with ScienceAlert and was the CEO from 2017 to 2024. She has a Bachelor of Science with Honours in zoology and has written for publications including Australian Geographic, Harper’s Bazaar, GQ, and Popular Science.

Peter Dockrill Managing Editor

Peter Dockrill is an award-winning science and technology journalist, formerly with APC, TechLife, and PC User. He’s been a columnist for Money magazine for 10 years and joined ScienceAlert in 2015.

Mike McRae Deputy Editor @tribalscientist

Mike McRae has been reporting on science and developing educational resources for over a decade. He’s written and illustrated for the CSIRO’s Double Helix and ECOS publications, the ABC, The Guardian, Fairfax, and authored Tribal Science: Brains, Beliefs, and Bad Ideas, and Unwell: What makes a disease a disease?

Rebecca Dyer Assistant Editor @therebeccadyer

Rebecca Dyer joined ScienceAlert in 2022. A firm believer in lifelong learning, she has a Bachelor of Medical Science and a strong interest in genetics research. She loves learning about new technology. Rebecca thinks anyone can find science fun and interesting when it is communicated engagingly.

Michelle Starr Senior Journalist @riding_red

Michelle Starr is an award-winning journalist with over 15 years of experience in the science and technology sectors. At ScienceAlert, she loves exploring the vast cosmos through the spaceship of scientific curiosity. She is also a firm believer that ravens will one day rule the world.

Carly Cassella Journalist @carlycassella

Carly Cassella is a science journalist who writes, fact checks, and edits at ScienceAlert. As a freelancer, she has written for bioGraphic Magazine, High Country News, Australian Geographic, and more. If there’s a story about poop, she’s writing it.

Tessa Koumoundouros Journalist and Editorial Assistant @tesskou

Tessa Koumoundouros is a science journalist with a Masters in Science Communication and a background in zoology and genetics. Tessa’s contributed behind the scenes at The Conversation and the Climate Council, and has been published by Lateral Magazine.

Jess Cockerill Editorial Assistant @jess_cockerill

Jess Cockerill is a science journalist with a Bachelor of Science in conservation biology, and has almost completed a Masters in journalism. Their freelance writing has appeared in The Best Australian Science Writing, ScienceAlert, Overland, The Walkley Magazine and others. They were an intern with The Conversation before joining the ScienceAlert team in 2023.

Steph Hefferan Social Media Manager

Steph Hefferan has been obsessed with science communication strategies and social media communications for over 10 years. Steph has experience in creating their own science content and lending their skills to a range of clients – from independent artists to Universities.

David Nield Contributing Journalist @davidnield

David Nield is a freelance journalist who has been reporting on science and technology for more than 10 years. His work can be seen on The Guardian, Gizmodo, TechRadar, Digital Trends and numerous other places.

Clare Watson Contributing Journalist @clarewhatson

Clare Watson is a freelance science journalist whose work has appeared in Nature, Undark, Hakai, Cosmos, Australian Geographic and more. She’s been reporting for ScienceAlert since 2020.

Russell McLendon Contributing Journalist

Russell McLendon is a science journalist with more than 15 years of experience covering a wide range of topics, from human health and psychology to astronomy, ecology, climate science, and wildlife biology. His work has appeared in publications including Treehugger, Reader’s Digest, The Healthy, and Buzzfeed.