carly cassella

Carly Cassella is a Journalist at ScienceAlert. A science reporter with a background in neuroscience, she’s especially comfortable writing about health and medicine, but also loves covering nature, space, and the environment.

Carly cut her journalistic teeth at Farrago magazine whilst studying as an undergraduate at the University of Melbourne. Here, she received the nickname “Nat Geo”, and also the Fitzpatrick Award for Science Communication.

Previously, she worked at the International Federation of Journalists in Brussels, where she gained the utmost respect for war correspondents. Since then, she has worked in award-winning podcast production, taught a class on science writing at the 2018 March for Science conference, and written multiple YouTube scripts with millions of views.

Carly currently lives in Seattle, where she enjoys clamming, oystering, fern-ing and pretending she knows how to identify birds and stars.

Twitter: @carlycassella

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