peter dockrillPeter Dockrill is the Deputy Editor of ScienceAlert. An award-winning science and technology journalist, he brings his flair and expertise to a broad range of topics including health, environment, technology, and nature.

With a background in law and technology journalism, Peter's work has appeared in APCTechLifePC UserMoneyThe Laws of Australia, and The Newcastle Law Review. He joined ScienceAlert in 2015. 

Peter’s science reporting was featured in The Best Australian Science Writing 2018 anthology. He won most entertaining writer at the Consensus IT Writers Awards, and was a finalist at the Australian IT Journo Awards. He was first published in 4th grade, as a finalist in a local poetry prize. 

When not working, Peter likes spending time with friends, cooking, and making music. He lives in Newcastle, Australia with his wife, their two lovely daughters, and a dog called Belle.

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