tessa koumoundouros

Tessa Koumoundouros is an Editorial Assistant and Journalist at ScienceAlert. She adores all living things, so it’s no surprise she mainly writes about biology, health, and the environment. 

Tessa has contributed behind the scenes at The Conversation and the Climate Council, and her science reporting has been published by Lateral Magazine. She holds a Bachelor of Science with honors, majoring in zoology and genetics, and a Masters in Science Communication. She has also worked as an exotics veterinary nurse, before joining the ScienceAlert editorial team in 2018.

She is an accomplished illustrator and designer, and puts her skills to work when curating incredible images for ScienceAlert's social media, and designing infographics such as our This Week in Science series.

In her spare time, Tessa loves exploring wild places, stalking wildlife with a camera, reading, and drawing.

Twitter: @tesskou

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