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Bec Crew (Managing Editor) is the author of Zombie Tits, Astronaut Fish and Other Weird Animals (NewSouth Press) and an award-winning science blogger with the Scientific American Blog Network, Australian Geographic, and World's Best Ever. She is the former online editor of Cosmos science magazine. @BecCrew

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Fiona MacDonald (Editor & Director of Partnerships) is the former assistant editor of Cosmos science magazine. A zoologist by training, she's written for Popular Science, Good Weekend, ABC and Australian Geographic. She has been involved with ScienceAlert since 2007. @FionaJMacDonald

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Chris Cassella (Managing Director) is an ex-Microsoft programmer and failed neuroscientist turned science communicator who is a strong proponent of Facebook as a platform to inspire and engage young people around the world with science. He has been running ScienceAlert since 2007. @DarwinsGuppie


ScienceAlert was established in 2004 by Julian Cribb with the aim of sharing knowledge and promoting science.