Pay What You Want for the 2017 Complete Learn to Code Bundle

It's time.

4 FEB 2017

If you're like us, you've been thinking about learning the basics of computer programming for years.

We all know that coding is becoming crucial across a whole range of industries, and there's no better way to expand your job prospects.

Well, we now have the perfect excuse for you to stop procrastinating and start learning - we've partnered with Stack Commerce to bring you the Pay What You Want: Learn to Code 2017 Bundle on ScienceAlert Academy. 

If you pay above the average (which is currently around US$22), you'll pick up 10 different courses, with over 100 hours of content to teach you the basics of coding.

These courses teach you a number of programming languages, include Go (Google's coding language), Python, Java, Ruby, and a bunch more.

Get started now.

Length: 100+ hours

Price: Whatever you think it's worth

This is a promotional ScienceAlert Academy post, in partnership with StackCommerce. We carefully vet all courses to make sure they're relevant to our readers, and share in the profits of any sales.

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