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This Infographic Reveals The Bizarre Ways Weather Affects Your Body


6 MAY 2016

We all know that the weather has a huge impact on our lives - whether it's a heatwave draining all your energy or the rain that people on social media just won't stop complaining about, thinking about the conditions outside is pretty unavoidable.

But the weather might have a bigger affect on your behaviour and body than you realise. As the infographic below shows, scientists have discovered links between what's going on outside your window and some pretty strange phenomena, including your chance of falling pregnant, your empathy levels, and even whether or not you're going to gamble. 


The important thing to note here is that correlation doesn't equal causation. In other words, just because two things - like crime rates and full moons - are linked, doesn't mean that one causes the other. There are a whole lot of other factors at play that could explain the relationship, and this infographic, created by power company GB Energy Supply, lists some of the most likely contenders.

So check out the infographic below to find out how all that unseasonably cold weather in May is going to affect your day:


Oh, and don't forget that our perceptions of extreme weather are sketchy at best, and you can't actually trust those long-term forecasts:

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