WATCH: NASA Astronauts Took a GoPro on a Spacewalk, And The Footage Is Incredible

It's like Gravity, but less terrifying.

13 APR 2015

GoPros have given us access to some pretty spectacular points of views. But this newly released NASA footage trumps them all, because it was filmed in SPACE. By real astronauts on a real spacewalk (or extravehicular activity, as the space agency calls them). And watching it makes us feel like we're there, fixing the International Space Station ourselves.


So what are we seeing here? The first video, which is just over an hour long, was taken from a GoPro strapped to the suit of NASA astronaut Terry Virts during an extravehicular activity, and it shows the most breathtaking view of Earth that we've ever seen.

In the second video, you get an up-close look at the underbelly of the ISS, as Barry Wilmore performs maintenance checks. For most of us, this footage is the closest we'll ever get to being in space, and it's kind of nice to be able to get the intoxicating views without any of the decades of training or mortal risk.

But don't forget that spacewalks can be pretty terrifying - after all, you're working in a vacuum, and we all know from Gravity how quickly that can cause things to go wrong. Commander Chris Hadfield even managed to become temporarily blind during one, and lived to tell the tale.

Still, we kind of hope NASA decides to strap GoPros on their astronauts more often, because space has the ability to make even the most mundane activities fascinating.

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