The singer and song writer Ariana Grande is a big fan of space, and this week, she and NASA bonded over their love for giant planets.

Stumbling upon a stunning image of Jupiter, the young musician fell head over heels for the largest planet in our solar system.

"Nothing is prettier than Jupiter," Grande tweeted, along with an image of the planet from NASA's Juno spacecraft.

And with that, Grande was sucked into an internet black hole, featuring incredible pictures of the most remarkable planets in our solar system.

These images are from NASA's various space missions, and they are processed by citizen scientists to create some of the most arresting space art.

With such breathtaking images, choosing a favorite from among them is almost impossible - as Grande was soon to discover.

"Update: Neptune is better," the singer wrote just two hours later, posting an image from NASA's Voyager 2 mission.

"I'll keep you posted but for now that's that on that," she added a bit later.

The space-loving tweets did not escape NASA's attention.

The ensuing exchange between Grande and NASA was everything that we needed this week.

This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

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