Although we pride ourselves on our process, we are only human. If you spot errors or typos, we'd love to hear from you at [email protected].

If a factual error occurs in one of our articles, headlines, images, photo captions, or other materials, we will promptly issue a correction by fixing the error; if the error is significant, we will add a timestamped editor's note to the article that clearly states what was changed, and why. All editor's notes are approved by the senior editor in charge that day.

If a factual error occurs in an article from one of our syndication partners, we will promptly correct it as per the procedure above, and work with our partner to notify them of the problem.

If a factual error occurs in our social media content, we will promptly edit the relevant posts where possible to state a correction, and take them down where the editing feature is not available, issuing a corrected post instead.

If a report is factually accurate but requires clarification because we didn't explain something clearly or in enough detail, we will promptly do so, adding a timestamped editor's note when such clarifications are substantial. Typo corrections do not require an editor's note.