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Here's a Calendar of The Awesome Sky-Watching Events in September

Save the date(s).

8 SEP 2016

Space may seem vast and empty, but it's bristling with all kinds of wild events: exploding stars, asteroid collisions, hiccuping black holes.

There are also the more local events, the ones we can actually see here on Earth: rocket launches, meteor showers, solar eclipses.


In fact, there are so many interesting things happening in space that can be kind of hard to keep track of all the cosmic activities the Universe has to offer.

That's why Business Insider has taken the liberty of gathering the Universe's most spectacular events into a monthly space calendar.

This way you won't have to miss the next SpaceX launch because of a dentist's appointment. (Although SpaceX's launch schedule might be affected by Thursday's explosion.)

You're welcome.

SpacegraphicsBodyDragan Radovanovic/Business Insider

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