If you're in the Northern Hemisphere and struggling with summer right now, don't worry, the video team over at Business Insider has got your back. In the short clip above, they show you how to make your own super-simple DIY air conditioner out of cheap household items. All you need is a spare 15 minutes.

First of all, you'll need to get your materials ready: a styrofoam cooler, a small electric fan, duct tape, a utility knife or razor, a marker, ice, and some dryer vent, which you can pick up from a hardware store.

Once you've got that sorted, take the lid of your cooler and trace on it around the fan and the dryer vent with your marker. Next, cut the tracings out - it's better to err on the smaller side here, as you can always make the holes larger later.  

By now you're pretty much done. All you need to do is cut off roughly 10 inches or 25 centimetres of dryer vent and bend it into an L-shape. Slot that in its designated hole and seal the whole thing up with duct tape.

Then fill your cooler with ice (hint: frozen water bottles will melt more slowly) and put the lid on. Sit your fan on top, facing down into its pre-cut hole, and turn it on. And, voila! Your cooler device will now be blowing chilled air out of the dryer fan in whichever direction you point it.

As the video shows, the air gets all the way down to a frosty 57 Fahrenheit, or 13 degrees Celsius, with hardly any energy required. Which is kind of heaven in the height of summer.

Watch the video above for the full instructions, and please don't use knives without proper supervision or safety equipment. After all, safe science is the best kind of science.