You've got a pretty good camera, but, between you and me, you still don't really know how to use all its potential.

That's okay – this week we've teamed up with StackCommerce to bring you a bundle that will help you become the great photographer you've always wanted to be.

With courses such as Learn To Use Your DSLR Camera, Night Photography, and Landscape Photography, you'll finally master that camera.

And then after you've got some sweet pictures, there's two courses to teach you how to touch up and recolour your photos in Photoshop.

All of this, and you'll end up with 8 courses, and 26.5 hours of content, for only US$34.  

Find out more here.

This is a promotional ScienceAlert Academy post, in partnership with StackCommerce. We carefully vet all courses and products to make sure they're relevant to our readers, and make a share in the profits of any sales.