Planet Earth II, BBC's latest nature documentary, has just starting showing in UK, and will soon reach the US and Australia.

The footage we've seen so far has been incredible, from death-defying lizards to love-struck sloths, so we thought it was a good time to put together a list of some of the amazing animal videos we've come across recently – from the beautiful, to the insane.

To start with, even the trailer for Planet Earth II is incredible.

There's the lion that has an unfortunate run-in with a giraffe, and penguins that back-flip into crashing waves. Nature has never looked so awesome:

If you need more feels about wild animals, this sloth swimming across the Escudo Island to find a mate is heart-breaking:

It's not just love stories that the BBC has been able to capture – a couple of days ago, everyone was rooting for this iguana that managed an incredible escape from a huge group of racer snakes:

But nature can be brutal, too. Earlier this week, National Geographic released footage of a penguin domestic - a fight between one lady penguin's old and new mates.

We're going to warn you now – this video is pretty brutal:

Last but not least, we couldn't forget this terrifying video of a real life 'snakes on a plane' scenario this week. 

The Areomexico plane had to make a priority landing in Mexico City, when a huge green snake slithered out into the cabin.

The passengers were all surprisingly calm considering the situation – and animal control was able to remove the unwanted passenger.

All we can say is, nature is pretty incredible… unless it ends up on our planes.

H/T Business Insider