Do you ever wonder how long it would take to burn off that piece of cake? Or how much cardio you need each day? This information is largely dependent on a person's DNA, so even though there's a lot of information out there - it isn't necessarily all useful.

In an effort to make health and wellness easier for consumers, IBM's Watson supercomputer has teamed up with a DNA testing company called Pathway Genomics in the US. And the result is an app that gives you personalised information based on your genes - removing the need to consult Dr Google for health tips.

Called Pathway Panorama, the smartphone app promises to answer all of your fitness and diet questions. Using Watson's unique ability to interpret human language, the app will be able to give a person detailed recommendations based on their DNA analysis and personal health. 

Consumers can simply "Ask Watson" for advice on everything from what to eat to how to exercise, receiving a response within three seconds. 

"Say you've just flown from your house on the coast to a city that's 10,000 feet above sea level. You might want to ask how far you could safely run on your first day after getting off the plane - and at what pulse rate should you slow your jogging pace," wrote Michael Nova, Pathway Genomics's chief medical officer, in a blog post. "Or say you're diabetic and you're in a city you have never visited before. You had a pastry for breakfast and you want to know when you should take your next shot of insulin."

But how do you know if you can trust what it says? The team say that when it gives you advice, it also provides references from medical journals and clinical trials. To ensure it remains updated with research, it continue to sync its database, notifying you of any new recommendations.

The app should be available by mid 2015 - just in time to honour those New Years resolutions - and we honestly can't wait to try it.

Source: Gizmodo