A lot of us want to take up robotics as a hobby, but it can be expensive and difficult to get started.

This awesome 4WD Robot Platform uses Arduino, the open-source electronic prototyping platform, to make things a whole lot easier.

We've partnered with Stack Commerce to bring you the SainSmart 4WD Robot Platform for just US$77.99 (RRP US$95.99) for a limited time.

Using some key Arduino components, the kit teaches you the basics of robots, and lets you construct an IRL, working robotic car that you can drive around and annoy your friends and family with.

The MEGA 2560 microcontroller board lets you control the car while connected to a computer, and the Arduino Sensor Shield also lets you connected to various modules, such as sensors, button, and relays.

And, yes, it ships internationally! We know what we're doing with our weekend…

Check it out here.

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