Whenever you go onto the internet, your activities are tracked automatically. Sometimes it's just for working out which ads to show you – but sometimes it's more nefarious.

However, there are ways to stop these trackers – keeping your information safe from companies, cybercriminals, and government entities.

That's why this week our ScienceAlert deal is a lifetime premium subscription to Disconnect – an award winning blocker and VPN – for only US$49.

The system works on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows, allowing you to avoid trackers, malware across any of your devices.

And as an added bonus, removing the tracking requests can speed up your internet by as much as 44 percent and use up to 39 percent less bandwidth. Plus you'll save battery life.

With recommendations by The New York Times and the Innovation winner at SXSW – it's worth checking out.

Find out more here.

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