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ScienceAlert Deal: Get The Kerbal Space Program Game at 40% Off This Weekend

16 MAR 2017

Kerbal Space Program doesn't need much of an introduction – the amazing physics-based spaceflight simulation game has been super popular over the past few years, and for good reason.

The game is based on real science, and lets you explore the fictitious Kerbal Planet, as well as its surrounding moons, planets, and galaxies.

You can also learn how to build spaceflight systems, and eventually even space stations, starships, or surface bases on other planets.

It pretty much makes your dreams of being a NASA engineer, astronaut, or just a bad-ass space explorer, come to life.

Garnering impressive reviews from IGN, Metacritic and PC World, Kerbal Space Program is definitely a game to check out if you've ever dreamt of exploring the stars.

If you've been thinking about playing, right now we've got the Steam keys for Kerbal Space Program at 40 percent off retail, for only US$23.99. 

But this deal is only on for the next few days, so check it out now.

Price: US$23.99

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