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ScienceAlert Deal: Learn a New Language With This Award-Winning Software

24 MAR 2017

Learning a new language is an amazing skill, and research has shown that the brains of those who speak two or more languages operate differently to single language speakers.

Because of this (and the added benefits of being able to order a coffee in another country), a lot of us want to learn a new language as adults, but struggle with conventional programs, or aren't sure of where to start.


Rosetta Stone Language Learning is a different way to learn a language - instead of translations between your native language and the one you want to learn, the software uses Dynamic Immersion to teach you.

It teaches you in the same way that you originally learnt your native language as a child – starting by matching words with images.

When you've mastered that, the program moves on to interactive lessons using speech recognition software.

It was the PC Magazine Editor's Choice for Best Language-Learning Software, and The Wall Street Journal called it "the next best thing to living in a country".

We've teamed up with Stack Commerce to offer you the software at a reduced cost – instead of US$249, you can start learning and mastering a new language for only US$149.

But this deal won't last forever, so get started now.

Price: US$149

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