Here's an uplifting statistic for you: Cybersecurity spending is projected to exceed US$1 trillion from 2017 to 2021.

Sarcasm aside, there is actually some good news tucked into that staggering figure: there's money to be made in cybersecurity.

As cyber threats grow more sophisticated, major organizations are exploring new ways to combat digital threats, chiefly by using white hats, or as they're more commonly known: ethical hackers.

Part oxymoron, part cybercrime-fighting vigilante, these professionals are trained in the ways of hacking but leverage their skills to pinpoint network vulnerabilities and patch them up before their nefarious counterparts can exploit them.

If the prospect of breaking into corporate networks and not going to prison sounds appealing to you, picking up the Pay What You Want: Certified White Hat Hacker Bundle is a logical next step.

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Designed for complete beginners, this collection starts you off with the ethical hacking essentials, tackling basic penetration testing and gathering information on potential targets. You'll explore common security architecture frameworks and learn how to create malware that can bypass anti- viruses and firewalls - so you can better defend against it.

Then, you'll move on to more advanced concepts, like manually configuring and creating a fake access point, building fake captive portals, stealing WPA/WPA2 passwords, and spying on clients.

You'll also receive in-depth instruction to prepare you for the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification exam, a major credential that can fast-track your way to locking down ethical hacking jobs.

Choose your price, and you can break into this exciting field with the Pay What You Want: Certified White Hat Hacker Bundle.