It's no secret that smartwatches haven't become the next 'must-have' product – too many of them can be either too expensive, simplistic, hard to use, or just plain ugly.

However, that doesn't have to be the case with smartwatches –  the right watch can make your life so much easier.

The Ticwatch 2 is a powerful and simple smartwatch first promoted on Kickstarter.

Having already raised US$2 million on the site, the watch they've developed is sleek, powerful and easy to use – and it won't break the bank.

That's why we've teamed up with StackCommerce to bring you the Ticwatch 2 at a reduced price.

The watch tracks your heart rate, lets you make calls, get texts – you can even speak to it to call an Uber.

The watch is US$169.99 - plus it's able to be shipped to 25 countries, so you don't have to miss out if you're not in the US.

This is a limited deal so find out more here.

Price: US$169.99

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