We're all used to feeling stressed, and while some of us can come back to center with just a cup of chamomile tea, sometimes a little more help is needed. 

Aura Premium helps users decompress by providing them with personalized daily mindfulness meditation exercises. Lifetime subscriptions are on sale today for US$79.99. 

Voted best of 2017 by Apple and earning five stars on more than 3,000 App Store ratings, Aura Premium leverages the power of machine learning to curate short, mindfulness meditation exercises for you to practice every day.

After you complete an exercise, you can rate your experience, and Aura will learn how to provide more specific meditations for your feelings whenever you need. 

You can track your mood, learn about your mood patterns, and visually see yourself improve as you continue the exercises. And, you can even set up daily reminders for breathers, so you can stay on top of your regimen. 

Aura lets you select 3- or 7- or 10-minute meditation durations based on your schedule.

That way, you can set up the meditation schedule that's right for you, and with the 24/7 access you get from a premium subscription, you can tap into guided meditations whenever you need to decompress. 

What's more, you can bolster your wellness experience with additional content from Aura, including life coaching sessions, stories, and music, giving you a myriad of resources to live a less stressful life. And, it's even integrated with Apple Health for more intuitive use.

You can take the first step toward living a less stressful life by picking up a subscription to Aura Premium.

Available for iOS and Android, lifetime subscriptions to Aura Premium normally retail for US$399, but you can sign up today for only US$79.99, saving nearly 80 percent off the usual price.

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