MATLAB, or Matrix Laboratory, is a multi-paradigm numerical computing environment and programming language that's capable of visualizing data as well as quickly developing complex code.

In fact, when compared to a language like C++, it's commonly said that 10-20 lines of C++ code could be reflected in just 1-2 lines of MATLAB code.

Take that idea and apply it to a significant program - you can easily understand why knowing MATLAB is a big deal for developers looking to save time.

In particular, MATLAB is popular for data-intensive fields, like computer vision, signal analysis, and GUI development. It's also handy for those looking to quickly analyse giant buckets of information and visualise critical insights or developments.

Robotics developers, aerospace engineers, and even car manufacturers utilize MATLAB to rapidly prototype and test systems.

Of course, with fields like aerospace and robotics being thrown into the mix, it's easy to assume MATLAB would be tremendously complicated to pick up.

But on the contrary, even a programming novice can understand the essentials of working with MATLAB, provided they have the right training.

The Complete MATLAB Mastery Bundle is a solid starting point for anyone looking to dive into this sought-after tool. It features five courses that guide you through the beginning and advanced principles of working with MATLAB.

Jump in, and you'll discover what it takes to run scripts, write code, and perform data analysis and visualisation with this tool.

You'll tap into a few of MATLAB's general uses, like creating GUIs using the GUIDE utility and writing software that users can interact with. What's more, you'll discover how to create your own apps and automate analysis workflows via MATLAB.

The Complete MATLAB Mastery Bundle usually retails for US$200, but you can get it on sale today for US$27, saving 86 percent off the usual price.

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