Microsoft introduced, a website to guess how old you are, at today's Microsoft Build 2015 developer conference.

The site is way for Microsoft to show off what it's working on behind the scenes, with smarter applications that can use facial recognition and huge amounts of data to make intelligent guesses. Supposedly, the app learns over time from the data everyone uploads, improving and becoming more accurate as more people use it.

You can read the technical nitty-gritty at a Microsoft blog here. isn't highly accurate, but it's close, and it's getting better. It thinks I'm 23 years old, which is a few years shy of my real age of 130 (or 28 if you're a stickler for the truth).


Using How-Old is easy. You can upload your own photos, or choose from a Bing Image Search. Here's what it thinks about Furious Seven actor Vin Diesel, real age 47:


And Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence, real age 24:


It's an oddity, but it demonstrates how Microsoft is thinking about data, facial recognition, and all kinds of other futuristic technologies. It's a little taste of things to come.

You can try out How-Old for yourself by clicking here.

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