Canadian thrift stores are notorious for carrying equal measures of weird and wonderful, and a very lucky lady called Julielynn Wong recently stumbled on some serious wonderful.

She happened to pick up a flight suit worn by Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield in a thrift shop in Toronto, and it only set her back $40. Wong told CBC News, "My jaw just dropped. I said, 'I can't believe it.'"

Wong was pretty sure the suit belonged to Chris Hafield, because like all good flight suits, it's got his name embroidered on it. But she send hm a quick message to make sure. That's when the investigation into how it got there began. He told Wong it was "a mystery".

Turns out, the astronaut's son accidentally dropped it off, along with some other second-hand clothes when they were moving. "We accidentally donated the wrong box to charity on our move back to Canada, it appears," Evan Hadfield wrote on Reddit. "We're not even sure which box it was that got donated. Moving 20+ years worth of stuff from Texas to Toronto immediately after returning from space has a way of losing track of some things."

Source: CBC News