It's the start of a beautiful friendship. Today, the pro-science organization 314 Action, committed to getting more scientists involved in politics, and D9 Brewing Company, famous for "sciencing the shit" out of its beer, have joined ranks to stand up for science.

On Pi day, the two have come together to announce the launch of their 314 Action Ale, an American Ale brewed exclusively for those who love science and, of course, beer.

The point of the partnership is to start a conversation about the role of science in politics, and specifically, to raise awareness of the Dickey Amendment, an anti-science piece of legislation which prevents scientists at the CDC from studying gun violence.

The awareness campaign has already garnered 250,000 signatures from people who want to see gun violence tackled with data and reason.

"We have long said that science and politics shouldn't be mutually exclusive, and we're hopeful that this ale helps bridge the gap between the two," said Ted Bordelon, Director of Communications for 314 Action.

"We're proud to partner with D9 Brewing and dedicate Pi Day to raising awareness about the importance of letting scientists do their jobs.  A science advocacy group partnering with a brewery might sound irrational, but we're both ready to try anything if it means raising awareness about the government ban on researching gun violence."

Plus, the beer can is sick. It features an image of Albert Einstein, formed entirely from the endless Pi sequence.

Screen Shot 2018 03 15 at 9.43.48 am314 Action/D9 Brewing Co

A partnership between a beer company and a science organization may seem weird at first, but D9 Brewing isn't your average beer company. It was started by two engineers and a doctor, and it has invested in the scientific exploration of the natural world to produce the highest quality, and unquestionably original, crafted beer.

So for this beer company, partnering with a pro-science organization is a logical next step.

In the words of Andrew Durstewitz, co-founder of D9 Brewing Company:  

"We believe in the ability of science to help us explain and understand our world, especially when the result is enjoying a cold beer."

You can order the beer and stand up for science here.

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