Last week, our favourite Mars rover, Curiosity, celebrated its third year on the Red Planet. And while we struggle to mask our enthusiasm for all that humanity has achieved on Mars over the past three years, Curiosity's snarky Twitter counterpart, Sarcastic Rover, has absolutely no problem tearing down everything we think is awesome, and this milestone was no different. 

"2.5 billion dollars so I can wander aimlessly and dig holes and eat dirt. Should have just sent the shy kid from summer camp," the bot tweeted on August 4 to its 136,000 followers. She (yes, Sarcastic Rover is a she) then proceeded to look back over some of her favourite tweets from the past 1,095 days, reminding us just how hilarious space exploration can be. 

The account is the brainchild of Canadian comedian Jason Filiatrault, and was created as a parody of the enthusiastic first-person tweets being sent out by NASA's communications team via the Curiosity Rover account.

For example, while Curiosity Rover will share exciting news about its activities with its followers, such as: 

Sarcastic Rover shares her news more like a disgruntled government worker who's overworked, underpaid, and entirely blasé about her job:

And while Curiosity Rover celebrates and endorses its fellow space robots, Sarcastic Rover is a little more cynical:

You get the idea.

Of course, sass doesn't automatically make you popular. Curiosity Rover has around 10 times more followers and is always first with all the breaking news, but over the years, Sarcastic Rover has become so much more than just the snarky counterpart - the account has become a scientific phenomenon in its own right, being involved in Reddit AMAs, sharing important information on space research, and even writing an article for Time magazine.

The account has also used its cult status to help share some important scientific truths with people who may not be reached by the traditional scientific channels, as Filiatrault told Rachel Feltman over at The Washington Post last week:

"The Sarcastic Rover has definitely evolved," said Filiatrault. "It was a lot more brash and loud and desperate - now I like to think that it has settled in, found some purpose. She's still sarcastic - but there's stuff I like standing up for and fighting for in a genuine way too."

Anyone that can combine breaking down climate change myths with humour is automatically our favourite. But to help remind you of all the reasons we love Sarcastic Rover, here are some of our favourite tweets from the past three years. 

Happy birthday old girl, and thanks for all the snark.