It's no surprise to regular ScienceAlert readers that octopuses (yes, that is the plural form of the word) are the geniuses of the ocean. Over recent years we've seen these cephalopods do everything from predicting the winners of the world cup and taking photos, to using a seashell as a weapon in a battle against its own kind.

Now the team over at Business Insider has put together an infographic to celebrate some lesser known, but equally amazing, facts about our eight-limbed friends. The list was taken from science journalist Katherine Harmon Courage's book Octopus! and can we just say that it makes us feel a little inferior about our boring human abilities?

For starters, octopuses can grow back any lost limbs - suckers and all. They also have three, yes three, hearts, and they bleed blue because their blood is higher in copper than iron.

Not to mention the fact that certain octopuses can change the colour and texture of their skin to perfectly blend in with their surroundings in just 0.3 seconds, can kill a human adult with their neurotoxins and can open childproof bottles (something we haven't yet managed ourselves).

If it's any consolation, octopuses are colour blind, and they live alone in homes that they like to decorate with shiny trinkets. But who are we kidding? They're still infinitely cooler than we are. Check out the infographic below (higher res here) to get inspired.

OctopusInfographic web1