Ever contemplated selling an organ on the black market just to make rent? Depending on what you're selling, you could make as much as US$650,000 (£425,000), according to the infographic below, created by Buddy Loans.

Unfortunately, that's the market price for your heart, which, well, you kind of need. But selling off a kidney would still raise a decent US$160,000 (£105,000).

If surgery isn't your thing, you could always look into harvesting the electricity from your bodily functions and daily movements, or even sell storage in your impressive brain, as the infographic explains.

However, while the information is fascinating, we should let you know that some of these values may be slightly higher than the reality of a post-global-financial-crisis black market.

A few years ago German filmmaker and journalist, Peter Scharf, travelled around Europe and made a documentary on the true cost of the human body. As our editor Bec Crew wrote last year:

"Think your kidney is worth more than a French bulldog? Think again. While filming, Scharf was able to locate three men in a Moldavian village who sold their kidneys and got just $2,292 each. Yikes. Hopefully they didn't find out that if a person wants to receive an illegally transplanted organ, they're going to have to pay anywhere between $80,000 and $200,000 for the privilege. (And they'd better hope their body doesn't reject their new kidney afterwards, because no refunds!)"

So get fascinated by the information below, but make sure you take it with a grain of salt before you get that ice-filled bathtub ready.

Source: Buddy Loans (no longer available)