Ladies and gentlemen, the future is now. A Slovakia-based technology company has unveiled its new flying car, and it looks so awesome.

The most advanced flying car ever made was unveiled at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna this week by Slovakia-based company, AeroMobil. The two-passenger prototype vehicle, called the AeroMobil 3.0, is about the size of a limousine or large luxury sedan, and works just like a transformer, morphing from car to aeroplane in minutes. In car form it can hit speeds of up to 160 km/h and as a plane, 200 km/h.

"From the front it looks a lot like a car; from the back it looks a lot like a small plane. From the side it looks insane," says Victoria Turk from Motherboard. 

All the AeroMobil 3.0 needs to take off is 250 metres of open grassland or a paved runway, and 50 metres of either to land. When you're ready to go, at the touch of a button its wings will automatically unfurl from its sides, sort of like an insect, and a large car becomes a small aircraft. 

"You don't need to change vehicles when you're travelling somewhere," AeroMobil CCO Stefan Vadocz told Turk. "You can drive to airports or grass strips and take off, go to your destination, and then continue driving." When you're done, you can just keep it in your garage - no hangar required. 

But before you demand that AeroMobil shut up and take your money, you'd better go and get your pilot's license, because you're gonna need it when these things hit the market. Right now, only trained pilots are permitted to test out the prototype. 

Vadocz remains tight-lipped about when the company is hoping to get this thing to market, but we can't help but be a little excited.

Source: Motherboard