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The Ultimate Big Data Course You Can Take Online Right Now

How to get a job in big data.

11 OCT 2016

Everyone is talking about big data right now. With more and more people logging onto the internet daily, the world is amassing millions of terabytes of data that could be invaluable for mapping trends in health, population, and demographics... if there are enough people to process it all, that is.

To help you upskill for one of the fastest-growing tech careers, we've partnered with StackCommerce to run one of the top-rated and most comprehensive big data courses, which you can study from the comfort of you own couch right now at ScienceAlert Academy.

The Big Data Bundle contains nine different courses, with modules such as Oozie: Workflow Scheduling for Big Data Systems, and From 0 to 1: Hive for Big Data Processing. 

By the end of the course, you'll be across all the basics of big data, and have a bunch of new skill to add to your resume.

Length: 64.5 hours

Cost: US$45

This is a promotional ScienceAlert Academy post.

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