Over the weekend, the Moon did something awesome. It appeared as both a total lunar eclipse and a blood moon, simultaneously. To achieve these twin-states, it passed over Earth's dark shadow, or umbra, which caused it to take on a dark, eerie red colour.

It remained in totality - which means you can see the entire circle of the Moon before it's covered up by shadow again - for just 9 minutes, which was the shortest duration for a total lunar eclipse since 13 October 1856. The weekend event was visible in most areas of North America, South America, eastern Asia, and Australia, but if you were too busy with Easter festivities, the time-lapse above has got you covered.

If the real thing is the only thing for you when it comes to cosmic events, fear not - there are plenty more events coming up this year. And you only have to wait till September for the next eclipse. Happy sky watching! 

Source: Digg