If you're anything like me, you've probably never thought much about the reality of the Kool-Aid Man's walls-smashing before. 

But now that you have, you kinda want to know, right? Luckily, Jake from Vsauce 3 is here to investigate whether the legendary character really could bust through a brick wall and still obey the laws of physics. And from the looks of it, somebody needs to get the union for cartoon beverage characters on the phone, pronto.

As Jakes explains in the video above, in real life, the Kool-Aid Man (or KAM, as we shall call him) would be pretty gargantuan, weighing in at almost 5,000 kilograms. And he'd tower over most of us at 183 centimetres tall.

His glass body would also be an impressive 9.1 centimetres thick. How does that match up against a wall? Given the fact that glass can withstand seven times more pressure than brick, in theory, KAM could smash through a wall at nothing more than a running pace and live to tell the tale. For a while at least.

Because all that enthusiasm comes at a price - including Kool-Aid loss, cracked glass and potentially even infection. So would he survive?

Watch the episode above to find out. And next time you're desperate for a refreshing glass of Kool-Aid, just consider whether it's really worth a fictional character losing a third of its hypothetical blood for. Yes? I agree.

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Source: Vsauce3