If you're the kind of person who has a world map printed on your shower curtain and a periodic table on your favourite mug, we're right there with you, because a day shouldn't go by where you're not learning something new.

And if that means closing your eyes, pointing to a random country on your shower curtain, and googling a random fact about it, that's awesome. But an even easier way to fill your brain with cool random facts about the world is to just sit back and let this video from Wendover Productions do all the hard work for you.

What we've got here is at least one random fact about half the total number of countries on Earth - the rest are coming with part 2 next week.

We start off with timezone craziness from Afghanistan and China, and make our way to the second largest country on Earth - Canada, which is so big, its easternmost point is closer to Croatia than it is to Vancouver.

Skip on over to the adorably tiny Liechtenstein - an historically neutral nation who sent just 80 soldiers to their last military engagement… in 1886.

And the best part? All 80 soldiers returned home safely - plus an extra, because they made a "new Italian friend". Aw Liechtenstein.

Oh and speaking of war, Switzerland might seem super chill, being the oldest neutral country on Earth, but in reality, it has zero chill, because 3,000 points of entry into the country have been rigged to blow at an instant, according to the video above.

While some of these have been rumoured to be dismantled, it's impossible to know which, and Switzerland probably prefers it that way.

Switzerland gets two random facts, because it also happens to be where you can catch the shortest regularly scheduled international flight in the world - it takes just 6 minutes, and it'll take you to a place where it's not technically illegal to escape prison: Germany.

Over in Australia, we get the dubious honour of being home to the longest fence in the world (we'll take it!), and in Bulgaria, they nod for "no", and shake their head for "yes".

North Korea made their own timezone because of course they did, and the UK is home to the shortest regularly scheduled domestic flight in the world: it's 53 seconds.

It could go on and on, because these facts are awesome, but you should just watch the video to hear them for yourself.

You want to know which country has the only government-sponsored UFO research station in the world, right? Extra points for knowing the answer already, because that's a tricky one.

And we couldn't really talk about all of this without posting the original and the best 'Every country on Earth' video. We love you Yakko! Even if you did, um, forget a few: