If you've ever wanted to pay God and rule over an array of tiny clouds (tiny lightning and thunder not included), have we got the experiment for you. Bearded Science Guy on YouTube shows you how an empty bottle, a bicycle pump, a tyre valve, and some isopropyl alcohol - which you can buy from hardware or health and beauty stores - can be turned into an instant cloud farm. So grab your safety goggles and let's go ahead and make the weather.

First you're gonna need to drill a hole in the top of the bottle gap, big enough to fit your tyre valve in. When you're fitting your tyre valve in the hole, make sure it's as firmly lodged as possible, because you need it to be completely air-tight. Next, you need to pour about one tablespoon of 90 percent isopropyl alcohol into your empty bottle. You'll need to coat all the insides of the bottle in the stuff, so swirl it around to get it across every surface. Seal the bottle up and go grab your bicycle pump.

You're gonna need to attach your bicycle pump to the tyre valve in the bottle cap, and then pressurise your bottle to about 20 PSI. Once you've filled your bottle with enough pressure, carefully remove the cap. And we do mean carefully - as the video above explains, that thing could go flying at any moment, and you don't want to lose an eye over a miniature cloud.

What happens next is awesome. When Bearded Science Guy says that tiny cloud is instant, he means it. The minute the cap is removed and air is allowed back into the bottle… POP. Just like that, instant cloud in a bottle. If you're not gonna try the experiment at home, be sure to still watch the video, because it's amazing to see. Sit back and watch your lovely little cloud seep out of the bottle like a long, silky ghost. So cool.