If you like stunning cinematography capturing the windswept grandeur and awe-inspiring beauty of this rocky little planet we call home, we have some glorious news.

The BBC has uploaded to YouTube a stupendous 40 hours of bonus footage filmed during the production of its award-winning Planet Earth II documentary series – which you can now gaze at in wonder to your heart's content, and entirely for free.

Hey, it's 2017 folks – whereas once upon a time documentary makers had to simply leave their precious outtakes on the cutting room floor, we now have the benefit of massive online video platforms to preserve all those great bits that can't be squeezed into the broadcast package.

In this case, that's enabled BBC Earth to craftily repackage a whopping day-and-a-half's worth of sweeping Planet Earth II scenery sequences into four massive 10-hour bliss bombs, which its makers are calling "visual soundscapes".

Each of these outdoor odysseys takes on a different theme, with the most recent video – which just dropped yesterday – taking us on a journey over some of the most picturesque mountain scenery the planet has to offer:

"Fly above the peaks and immerse yourself in this elevated, sky-kissing habitat," the BBC tantalises. Don't mind if we do.

But these epic peaks aren't all there is. The visual soundscapes series has also given us 10 hours of desert landscapes, 10 more of lush jungles, and another 10 of stunning island hideaways.

It's all part of what the network calls its Real Happiness Project, founded on a study the BBC released earlier in the year in conjunction with the University of California, Berkeley – finding that watching nature documentaries can actually make people feel happier.

That research involved more than 7,500 participants, but you don't have to rely on their findings – thanks to these new uploads, why not conduct a little personal research and see if the hypothesis works for you?

For maximum effect, make these videos fullscreen when you watch, or better yet – stream them to your TV if you have the means.

Happy viewing, folks – and if you'd rather watch some nature content that packs a little more of an adrenaline-fuelled punch, Planet Earth II's got you covered on that score too.